Minimize Injuries. Optimize Performance.

September 23, 2014

Every athlete gets exposed to some degree of injury in sport. Injuries are a part of the game. 

Whether its missing a practice/training due to muscle soreness or missing months due to an injury that calls for surgical repair, every athlete has experienced some type of issue that has decreased their performance at one time or another. 

Injuries may seem minor when looked at on a season-to-season basis but when you tally up EVERYTHING that has happened throughout your athletic career...

You start to notice things that are very interesting....


Patterns start to develop due to the imbalances that are created to help the body compensate for the injured/weakened areas in the body. 

Ankle Sprains can turn into knee/hip problems…
Which can turn into back/trunk or even upper body issues.


It's a snowball effect of mechanical deficiencies that can be minimized/avoided when the right measures are taken to help the body perform at the optimal level it needs to for sports.

The graphic above is a great example of a world class athlete, Abou Diaby, that has had great potential to put one of the biggest futbol clubs in the world on his shoulders but has continuously been set back due to injury after injury.
He can never catch a break. 

Coaches and critics call him "injury prone" and tell him he needs to strengthen his body, which he does.
But for some reason, things keep coming back or other areas start giving him problems.

”Diaby's latest injury will see the midfielder sidelined for up to eight months according to Arsenal, who recently confirmed that he will miss the remainder of the campaign with a torn anterior cruciate ligament.”

Unfortunately, since 2006, Diaby has compounded an estimate 35 injuries over the years. His potential and abilities have merited his stay of execution at the club, however this new set back, seems to be seen as the straw the broke the camels back.
A shadow looms over the head of the 26-year-old phenom and his future as a gunner may be in the balance.


Do not let injuries build up and setback your potential as an athlete. It is crucial to help prepare your body for the rigors it will be exposed to in sports.

Where do I Start?

Having the ability to minimize muscular imbalances and weakness via Muscle Activation Techniques is great start.

From there, a proper prevention, performance preparation and optimization program to help achieve your goals is a must!

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Minimize Injuries. Optimize Performance.

September 23, 2014

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