"The gross is only as good as the pieces"

June 26, 2014

Like a car, the human body is designed for motion. It is built to get you from point A to point B as efficient as possible, even if there are pieces within the design that may not be working at an optimal level.


With your normal, everyday vehicle, you might be able to get away with poor maintenance or not keeping up with the basic tune-up, oil change, tire rotation, changing fluids, etc...

However, down the road you will start to notice various vibrations/noises and decreased performance from your vehicle, which will lead to the build up of costly repairs from the lack of upkeep. 


For cars driven for performance, (i.e. Nascar) this upkeep is even more important. Check-ups are done pre, during, and post race. Cars will "Check-In" with the pit stops to change tires, replace fluids, and make the necessary mechanical adjustments so that the car can perform at an optimal level through the duration of its competition.


The human body should be treated in a very similar fashion. Whether you’re the "Nine to Fiver", everyday vehicle, or the "Elite Athlete", driven for High Performance ...


Muscle Soreness, Muscle Pain/Aches and Muscle Tightness are those "Check Engine", "Service Vehicle", and "TPMS" lights, and are the body's way of communicating to us, "Something is not right here".


Sure you can ignore those alerts... but eventually things will wear out, break down, and cause more stress on other parts trying to compensate for the decrease in performance.


The good thing about Nascar is that they can buy a new car when one breaks down.

Unfortunately, we are not able to buy a new body when we break down.

Learn how to listen and obey the rules of your own body!


Train for longevity and remember, The gross is only as good as the pieces.


For more information on how to "check in" with your body and to optimize your current level of performance, please feel free to contact us!


-The Impact Team

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