Survival: The Athlete

May 1, 2013

We all have been an “athlete” in some part of our lives, some longer than others but in the end, what really stopped us from going to that next level or attaining “greatness”?


Was it lack of technical skill?

Was it the speed of your opponents or the game?

Was it lack of strength?


If you said “No” to any of these questions, Ill counter you will this question,

“Have you been plagued by major/minor injuries that hindered your performance?”


And if you still replied “No”… You need to start training smarter because


Technical skill, You can train!

Speed, You can train!

Strength, You can train!


So with that being said, I ask you this; what makes an athlete great?

Through my experience, I really think it comes down to Longevity;

How long can your body withstand the chaotic forces that comes with sports while maintaining a certain level of skill over a given period of time.


Why do great athletes retire? Did they suddenly lose their mental drive and ambitions of being an athlete?One day, did they wake up and lose their skill or knowledge of the game?

Hell no! I guarantee that any and every athlete, if given the chance, would come back and play today if they could. More so if they were able to come back as themselves in their “prime” with the same level of experience and knowledge of the game that they have today!


Not ONE athlete would turn that offer down!


Which answers our question right there!

Compared to their prime, whether they like to admit or not, most players realize that their bodies can no longer keep up with the grueling process of being an Athlete…And it’s not a bad thing!

Sport demands so much from your body, and at the higher, more elite levels, the demand is even more so.

Everybody ages and traditionally, when people age, they get slower, weaker, and it just becomes an uphill battle for the duration of your life.


These days, we are starting to see athletes take better care of themselves, not only the seasoned vets but the “new school” athletes of our generation.

You have guys like;


Ryan Giggs (40) and David Beckham (38), where the names speak for themselves. Words do not do justice when trying to describe these legends of futbol.Are there other players out there that were better than both, Absolutely! But for the amount of time that they gentlemen have played, and the level that they have been about to maintain is almost unheard of!


Tim Duncan, The BigFundamental, who at the age of 38 has outlasted 99% of the players he came up through the ranks with simply because his body has been able to withstand the day-to-day abuse of being an Elite NBA basketball player a little better than others. He has always been GOOD at the basics, hence the name “Mr. Fundamental”, but over time he has gained a vast amount of experience and is now not only GREAT at the basics, but is considered to be one of the best centers in the game. Time being the key factor here! Since being drafted in 1997, he is arguably playing some of his best basketball to date…17 years later.


Finally, Peyton Manning, even after having four neck surgeries in the past two years, had arguably one of the best seasons of his career last year. In a Sports Illustrated piece, Manning discusses his experience with Greg Roskoph’s Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and how it has helped him.


“The greatest investment you can make," he said, "is in your body. The opportunity to extend your career is huge."


With Peyton’s maniacal upkeep of his body,

He has been able to stay healthy

Minimize injuries

Recover faster week-to-week

Be on the field longer

Train harder and longer

Extend his career

Make more money

And simply, Be more efficient in all aspects of the sport that he loves



Which lead the 38-year old, to a record season, dominating opponents that were half his age and letting his skill and experience control the outcome of the game, rather than his body fighting its way through what was thought to be his final year as a professional!


Age is just a number! Let your game talk the talk and your body walk the walk!

What if instead of your “prime” being from 19-24 for some sports, it was 35-40?

What if the older you got, the better you became!

Training harder and longer is not always the answer.

To keep us going, our bodies end up overcompensating for the original problem, working overtime and creating further imbalances, which then lead to a domino effect of problems.


Degeneration of muscle tissues

Increase risk of injury

Decreased Performance

Increased fatigue

Slower recovery

Slower reaction time

And so on and so forth



Do you feel like retiring yet? (laugh) I don’t blame you.

So in the end, what are you doing to help your body last through this thing called life!

You feel good right now? Great! What if you could feel better? Is that even possible!

Just some things to think about.

For those interested in Muscle Action Techniques (MAT), Sport Performance, or have any questions/comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Impact Team

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