2014 Winter Developmental Camp 

Technical Ability 

Tactical Awareness

Offensive/Defensive Positioning

Learn how to read & break down the opposing player/team on-the-fly
Learn how to change the tempo of the match



Learn how to maximize your ATHLETIC POTENTIAL on the pitch and set your self apart from the competition. Dominate in the air. Win Tackles,  Hold your ground on set pieces. 

Recovery/Injury Prevention

Learn how to maximize your energy & performance levels

Minimize Injury & stay healthy so that you are able to compete all year-round!

Passing, Dribbling, Shooting, Heading and Tackling 

Our system has been designed to optimize each of the following aspects of performance:



Our team is comprised of a combination of player-coaches that not only have experience both domestically and internationally, but have experience playing and coaching at some of the most elite levels of sports. 




-Division 1 Collegiate & Professional Athletes
-Olympic Development Alumni

-Prospective MLS Draft Picks
-NSCA Strength & Conditioning Specialists
-Sport Performance Specialists

Learn tips and tricks to gain and edge over your opponent!

Packages Offered  

For any player attending a AI Developmental camp, we expect them to possess three variables that the athlete can control:  a positive attitude, concentration and effort.  

This is a catalyst toward their continued improvement on and off the field.


The Winter AI Developmental Camp features a core training program that includes instruction and competition, plus physical conditioning and mental conditioning with our Sport Performance specialists. An upgraded TOTAL ATHLETE training program is also available:


       Our camps focus on the development of each individual athlete, introducing each to all aspects of elite performance. 

At our AI Developmental Camps, we welcome the opportunity to take you and your game to the next level!

Today's top athletes in the world are smarter, stronger, faster, and much more technical, and the window to maximize your potential -- to live your dream-- is short.

Let the IMPACT Team teach you how to move off the ball quickerkick harder, sprint faster, defend stronger, and score with power. 



Speed/Agility/1st Step


Total Athlete


Movement Preperation/Warm up/Cool Down

Sport/Team Instruction

Speed & Agility, First Step Quickness

Group Physical/Mental Conditioning

Biomechanical Evaluation

Player Combine
Speed, Agility, Power Test

Mental Toughness/Leadership Training 


The Total Athlete package encompasses the lifestyle of an elite athlete. 
Not only will you recieve the essential tools to take your game to the next level, you will go through the following:

Player Movement Screen/Biomechanical Evaluation
This helps identify muscle weakness and imbalances throughout your muscular system that may be keeping you from performing at your best. 

Player Combine Testing
Compare yourself to the pros!
30 Yard Dash, Pro Agility (5,10,5) Drill, and Vertical Jump 


Mental Toughness/Leadership Training
Learn how to motivate your team to victory. Lead by example!

Total Athlete Package

CORE Package

The AI CORE Package gives each athlete the essentials to develop and take their game to the next level! 


4 Hours of Daily Technical & Tactical Instruction: 

Includes movement preperation Warm-Up, Cool down, and Phyical Performance Training


 Position-specific drilling, strategy sessions and competitive scrimmages

Get all the tips to elevate your game and break away from the competition 

Speed, Agility & Quickness Off and On the ball


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